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Cyclone S&P 500 Day Trading System ONLINE LEASE AGREEMENT and ORDER FORM


The undersigned agrees to purchase the Cyclone System from Dr. John F. Clayburg subject to the following terms and conditions.

The purchaser understands that the data used to represent the performance of the system is hypothetical in nature.

Purchaser has read and understands the disclaimers associated with the promotional material.

Purchaser is aware that the system has less than 50% profitable trades and is subject to substantial drawdown and several consecutive losing trades as documented in the above-mentioned testing and descriptive literature.

The purchase is non - refundable.

The system has been developed in total by Dr. Clayburg. Neither this agreement nor any representations contained herein are binding on his heirs.

The system computer code, being proprietary in nature, will not be disclosed. However, the operating theory will be revealed.

The system, while profitable in the past, is not in any way guaranteed to be profitable in the future.

Past results are not indicative of future performance.

There are no implied warranties of any nature associated with this product.

Payment is by credit card only.

In the instance of a lease agreement, purchaser/lessee agrees that his/her credit card will be charged the first of each month to renew the lease unless developer is notified of cancellation in writing at least 5 business days prior to the end of the month.

By clicking below and ordering this product, purchaser/lessee agrees to all of the terms and conditions and expressly acknowledges all of the disclaimers herein above set forth.

PURCHASE PRICE: $3,000.00. US Funds only.

LEASE PRICE: $200.00 per month US Funds only.

Secure credit card transactions are handled through PayPal.

Please note that it is no longer necessary to open a PayPal account to complete this purchase.

Following the successful completion of the payment submission below you will be asked to supply the contact information necessary for delivery of the indicator package.

If you experience difficulty with this process or have any questions please contact me.

Click Here for a Printable Order Form which may be sent by fax or snail mail