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June - October 2016

The 2 Minute And 2300 Tick ES Systems;
Beans Had Another Big Day
Oddball reaction To The Grain Report;
ES Remains In A Non-Trending Mode
Beans Trade Quietly Pre-Report;
ES Has A Trending Day
Beans Trade Well on Monday;
2300 ES Handles The Sideways ES Market
Beans Do Well On Both Timeframes; S&P Waiting For Report
Comparing 2 Min and 2300 Tick ES Charts; Slow Day For Beans
Big Day For Beans
Comparing Time Frames In The ES and Soybeans
With the winding down of the growing season and subsequent volatility decrease its time to consider a slower chart
Time Frames, Systems and Testing Tricks Part 1
Discretionary Approach To Trading The Soybean System Part 3
Discretionary Approach To Trading The Soybean System Part 2
Tips and Tricks For The Discretionary Approach To Trading The Soybean System
Lousy System Day.
Demonstration Of Using Chart Patterns And Popular Indicators Along With The GV System
The 2 Minute and 2300 Tick Systems Both Trade Well On Today's Trending Market
Good Comparison Of The 2 Minute And 2300 Tick ES Systems On A Sideways Day
Good Trading in ES and Beans; Meal Lags Behind
Indices Rebound; Grains Handle The Crop Report
Beans Remain The Best System Market
ES Stays Sideways but Meal Gets It's Act Together
How To Survive A Sideways Day In The ES; Good Day For Beans
Today's Trade Demonstrates The Disicpline Necessary For Productive System Trading
All Three Items Had Good System Trades Today
Perfect System Trading In Beans and ES; Meal Needs A Bit Of Babysitting Occasionally
Soybean Base Chart Outperforms The Top SubSystem
Indices Traded Well On Monday
Not Bad For A Friday In August - and a good example of why it is necessary to examine multiple timeframes
Another Great Day In The Grains
Perfect System Day As The Base Systems Handled The Market Well On Beans, Meal and the ES
Fairly Decent Trading For A Quiet Day
The Two Minute And The 2300 Tick Charts In The ES
Provide A Good Example Of Multiple Time Frame Analysis
A Typical Sloppy, Trendless Day On A Friday In August...
Another Picture Perfect System Day
Perfect System Example In The ES Today
ES A Pain? Trade The Grains!!
Only System 19 Turned A Substantial Profit Today - Another Reason To Run 20 Systems
Bullish reaction To A Bearish Grain Report
What A Boring Day...
Are The Patterns Changing In Soybeans?
If you have any doubts if the system works you need to check this video
How To Take $1100 From A Chart With A Net Profit Of $625
Great Example Discretionarily Trading The Prevalent Intraday Pattern Along With The GV Soybean System
Another Perfect Example Of A Discretionary / System Bean Trade
Three Unrelated But Useful Worm Charts
Getting The Most Out Of System Trading
A Closer Look At Selectively Trading Soybean Systems
Internet Problems Worsening
Here's a basic review of the system process and 1/2 hour of actual live trading with the GV Systems
Good Trends in Grains, Internet Troubles Hurt Accuracy
Decent Trends Today In The S&P And The Grains
A Rough Bean Trading Day But The S&P Had Some Good Trends
Great Trends In Beans Today
Another sloppy s&p day but grains trend well again . . .
The stock indices are stuck sideways but the grains continue to trend well . . . .
Grains Trading Well in this Growing Season

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