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As Day Traders, we all have the same questions:

1. Which way is the market moving today?

2. Is this move the main trend or just a smaller move that will just pull me into a bad trade?

3. Where do I get IN?

4. Where do  I get OUT?

In a nutshell, these indicators can tell you which way the market is going and how far it will go with over 70% accuracy!

Now, we realize this is a bold statement, but this is demonstrated with extensive statistical results published in the Four Steps Trading course manuals and in "Four Steps to Trading Success" by Dr. Clayburg (Wiley & Sons, 2001) . We have tested these tools on many, many stocks and most futures contracts. The results and statistics speak for themselves.

The menu bar on the left will lead you to over 65 demonstration charts which detail the operation of our proprietary indicators.

Remember, all the indicators in the JFC Library use Self-Adaptive Parallel Function Trading Technology. This technology is unique to these indicators and to the Four Steps Trading course.

Letís take a look at these 4 common Day Trading questions with some brief explanations.

1st, Major Trend Indicators:
These JFC Indicators are designed to tell you which way the market is going TODAY. They clearly identify if the trend of the day is UP, DOWN or SIDEWAYS. Knowing the Major Trend is crucial, to your trading success. The JFC Indicator Library has 2 Major Trend indicators.

JFC Market Direction Indicator
JFC Median Line

2nd, Minor Trend Indicators
Letís be honest, one of the biggest problems in Day Trading is getting "sucked into the bad trade", this usually happens when we loose sight of the Major Trend. The Minor Trends or Retracements throughout the session can very often be mistaken as the Major Trend. BUT, these Minor Trends almost always run out of energy or reach a point "exhaustion". Once this move has run out-of-gas, it offers an excellent "Entry Zone" to jump back onto the Major Trend.

The JFC Indicator Library has 4 Minor Trend indicators. It very important to remember that each of these indicators approaches the same task of identifying the minor trend from 4 totally different mathematical perspectives. If one views this problem from several vantage points, there is a higher probability of successfully identifying a good entry zone.

An enormous amount of calculations are performed by these indicators, the JFC Cluster indicator for example performs over 15,000 calculations each second of price activity. These tools can help the trader see market nuances that are literally impossible to see otherwise.

JFC Reversal
JFC Exhaustion
JFC Real Time Pivot
JFC Cluster

3rd, Entry Indicators

So far so good, we know the Major Trend of the day and we have a Minor Trend that is showing signs of exhaustion. Now, where do we get IN?

Here is where we focus on the JFC Entry Point indicator. This tools shows you in real time clearly defined entry points based on specific support and resistance that the market itself has defined in todayís session. You can trade with this indicator to match your trading style, high or low risk.

JFC Entry Point

4th, Exit Indicators

We are in the trade, now what? Where do we get out? As traders, we all know how easy it is to get into the trade and how difficult it is to get out.

I have performed literally decades of research to answer this question. I am very pleased to be able to inform you that this research was not in vein.

The JFC Indicator Library contains some very powerful exit tools, from trailing stop exits to clearly defined price levels that have a very high probability of being the high and low  price zones of the session.

JFC Volatility Stop
JFC RTT (Real Time Target)

Although there are other indicators in the JFC Indicator library, these explanations and charts should provide you with a reasonable understanding of how Four Steps Trading may be of help to you in your trading.

These indicators are all designed to get the job done, which is to trade with a logical and scientific discipline. Experience has taught us that this is the only way to improve the probability of being a profitable trader.

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