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Global Variable 15 Minute Self Optimizing Systems


The data published one the links below

reflect the results of HYPOTHETICAL trades for

each of the GV ES, YM and NQ 15 Minute Systems





The new 15 Minute Systems for the ES (E Mini S&P )

YM ( E Mini Dow ) and the NQ ( E Mini Nasdaq ) were

created with two objectives in mind, namely

fewer trades per day
with a higher return per trade.


While most users enjoy the 2, 3, 5 Minute and 2300 tick systems

several have asked for a similar system that takes a somewhat

longer time frame approach to trading the same markets.

The longer time frame of the 15 minute charts have the advantage

of trading fewer times per day ( usually 1 or 2 per day ).

Some days these system will not trade at all - usually because of

the lack of sustainable trends of the 15 minute chart.

While these systems will miss some of the trades generated by

the faster timeframes, they frequently avoid many of the non productive trades

that can be generated on the shorter time charts.


The bottom line can be generalized as fewer trades with a

higher reutrn per trade.


Also fewer trades result in lower total commission charges and fewer

chances for slippage and trade errors.






Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.




ES 15 Minute Hypothetical Testing Results

YM 15 Minute Hypothetical Testing Results

NQ 15 Minute Hypothetical Testing Results