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Some data contained in this video reflects the results of HYPOTHETICAL trades

for the GV Limited Systems

Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of this page


Limited Systems Update - June 29, 2017
Second Consecutive Day - All Four Charts Get To Their Goals
Once Again All Four Contracts Reached Their Respective Goals; Take Care Trading Beans the Rest Of This Week
Nasdaq Abnormally Non Productive Today; Other Contracts Do OK
Mixed Day For The Indices; Beans Save The Day
Two systems Up, Two Systems Down; Advice On Rolling Soybean Contract To November
Only Traded Beans and Nasdaq Live Today
All But The ES Hit Their Objectives Today
The Indices Were Sideways Early But We Did get A Tradeable DownTrend Late. Beans Are Still Wonky
All Indices Hit their Goal Today With One Wierd Exception; Beans Still Do Not Have Their Typical Volatility This Year
Here Is A Complete Review Of June 12 Through June 16 Following Friday's Big Decline
Systems Come Back From Early
Losses to Get To Even On A Wild
& Crazy Day
All Systems Hit Their Goals Today After A Sideways Day Wednesday
Another Sideways Day Wednesday; All 5 Hit Objectives Today
Another Sideways Day; Beans Do Well Again
Sideways Day Monday; Hints On TSLA System Trading
Another Great Friday To End The Week
OK Day Wednesday; Great Day Thursday
Mixed Day for Indices; Further Details On TSLA Swing System
Good Futures Trading Friday
Adding System for TSLA
Good Comeback On Thursday
Not As Much Fun Today
Return From All Four Systems
> $1000.00 Today
Diversification Is The Word for Today
All Systems Made Their Goal Except Beans
ES + $350; NQ+ $510;
YM + $340; Beans + $540
Turnaround Tuesday Wasn't Kind To
Systems BUT
Wednesday's Big Trends Made Up for It
Big Turnaround From Friday As All 4 Items Hit Their Goals
A Lousy System Day BUT A Good Time To Put System Trading In Perspective
Decent Trending Day
Systems Show Net Profit Despite Sideways Day
Good First Day for Soybean Limited System
Real Time Limited Trades from May 8, 2017 - But Not A Great system Day
Real Time Limited Trades from May 5, 2017 Plus Weekly Totals For The Week Of May 1, 2017
Real Time Limited Trades from May 4, 2017
How to use the FREE system and Indicators
A Complete Recording Of My Presentation
Here's how to monitor and correct a rarely encountered, but important, system issue..