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Please click the link below to begin the download process for the free indicator trial.


Download Free Indicator Trial

You will shortly receive a return e mail with download and installation instructions.

I have available other proprietary, self adaptive indicators which can precisely identify exhausted trends allowing the user to take maximum advantage of the Directional Day Filter. Among these are  JFC Exhaustion, JFC Exhaustion 2, JFC Reversal, JFC Real Time Pivot, and most importantly, JFC Cluster.

Additionally, there are also available trading tools used specifically to define high probability entry and exit points. Specifically, JFC Entry Point, JFC Volatility Stop and JFC Cluster Vol Stop are used for this purpose.

Finally, two more tools, JFC Real Time Range and JFC Intraday High Low, are available to assist the trader in monitoring several market parameters through the day.

These programs also have the additional capability of being easily incorporated into automated trading systems.

You may download the complete manual for these indicators FREE. Click Here for FREE manual download.

These programs are available for both lease and purchase. For more information, please click here.

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