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Comments from Readers


I would sincerely like to thank those who have taken their valuable time to pass along the following comments. jfc

Dr. Clayburg,

I have read your book and incorporated the Directional Day Filter  into my trading with success. I found the book to be direct and lucid. Although it is unfortunate that these words will be unable to convey the true sincerity of appreciation I feel, I will write to you nonetheless.
I am in your debt, not only due to processes you have outlined in your book, but the avenues of further exploration you have sparked with me. It is my hope that I may take what you have given me, develop myself in some of the promising directions, and someday share as you have. Thank you, very much, for allowing me the opportunity to learn from your many years of experience, creative reflection, and hard work.

Once again, thank you, for shortening my learning curve and increasing my chances of long-term success.
kb, California

John Clayburg has produced a well written book that would be a valuable addition to the library of any serious trader. Although the book is directed primarily to intraday trading, his basic concepts are appropriate for all styles of trading. His method of always defining the major trend and never trading against that trend may seem fundamental, but it is a lesson that most traders (including me) have learned the hard and expensive way. The author provides a systematic approach which keeps the trader on the right side of the major trend while providing specific techniques for entry and exit. His entry methodology invloves defining exhaustion of minor pullbacks against the major trend and defining short term support and resistance levels. By requiring these support/resistance levels to be broken prior to entry, many bad trades are avoided. The book is also well illustrated with numerous example charts. If you are trading or planning to trade, you can save yourself some money by reading this book.
ml, Florida

Dear Dr Clayburg;

I have just purchased your new book (which you recently sent to me with a nice handwritten note inside) and am half-way through reading it. I find the book to be very informative, presenting very good trading ideas and concepts. I especially like the Directional Day Filter, and today I employed the DDF along with the Clayburg stochastic entry method on a one minute CSCO chart using TradeStation 2000i. It really worked great, and I have another half of the book to go! 
I first heard you speak at the Omegaworld Conference in NYC last summer. I have also lately been studying your parallel function information as presented at the conference. I am sure that this technique can be used in many profitable ways. I intend to work on using the technique in developing new indicators for trading after I finish the book. If there is any additional new public information on this subject I would greatly love to know about it.

fh, Conneticut

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By John F. Clayburg

New York  Chichester Weinheim Brisbane  Singapore Toronto
ISBN: 0-471-41482-4
June 2001
320 Pages
Hard Cover
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