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Note: For a limited time all systems can be purchased as a package. You may purchase systems valued at $2,000 as a package priced at $1,500.

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The purchase is non - refundable.

The system has been developed in total by Dr. Clayburg. Neither this agreement nor any representations contained herein are binding on his heirs.

The system computer code, being proprietary in nature, will not be disclosed. However, the operating theory will be revealed.

The system, while profitable in the past, is not in any way guaranteed to be profitable in the future. Past results are not indicative of future performance.

There are no implied warranties of any nature associated with this product.

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Self Adaptive Corn System $500

Self Adaptive Soybean System $500

Self Adaptive Soybean Meal  System $500

Self Adaptive Oats System  $500

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Self Adaptive Corn System
, Self Adaptive Soybean System, Self Adaptive Soybean Meal  System , Self Adaptive Oats System $2,000

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