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May 11, 2005, 3:30 PM (Chicago time)

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Package Pricing for Three of the Top 10 Systems

System Regular Price Monthly Lease
Cyclone $2,900 $200*
Belly Trader $1,500 $150**
Feeder Trader $1,500 $150**


25% Discount for Entire Package $4,400

*Lease Program for Cyclone Only

** Combo Lease - Belly Trader & Feeder Trader $200 /Month

Lease to Own Program

Should you initially lease any of these systems and decide to purchase them on a permanent basis I will allow up to two month's lease payments to apply toward the purchase price of the system.

For example, if you lease the Feeder Trader for two months and then decide to permanently purchase the program, you may purchase it for $1,200 rather than the full $1,500 purchase price ( $1,500 - 2 x $150 ).

Now for a limited time you may have your choice of the top rated Feeder Trader System or the Belly Trader System FREE with the purchase of the entire package - greater than 25% discount.

There are no free trials for these systems.

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By John F. Clayburg

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June 2001
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