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Introduction to Trading Signals 
Where To Begin
Why Use Signals? 
Exhaustion, What goes up… 
Indicator Assist Discretionary Trading
Parallel User Function Technology 101
OnLine Order Form

Major Trend Indicators
JFC Market Direction
JFC Directional Day Filter

Minor Trend Indicators
JFC Cluster
JFC Exhaustion
JFC Exhaustion 2

JFC Real Time Pivot
JFC Reversal                                         

Entry Indicator
JFC Entry Point   

Exit Indicators
JFC Volatility Stop
JFC Real Time Target (RTT)
JFC Cluster Volatility Stop
JFC Auto Pivot Indicator

Miscellaneous Indicators
JFC Real Time Range (JFC RTR)
JFC Intraday Hi Lo
JFC Auto Pivots

SPECTRUM Trading Systems

Parallel User Functions
Use of Parallel User Functions in Self-Adaptive Systems & Indicators  

Advanced Technical Theory                                                                                                

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Trading System Signals
Introduction to Trading Signals
Indicators, Signals, Strategies and Systems  
Input Considerations
The Concept of Buy and Sell Windows
Buy Stops and Sell Stops – The Ultimate Purpose of the JFC Entry Point Indicator

Entry Signal
Cluster Buy - Sell Signals (9)

Exhaustion Buy - Sell Signals
Reversal Buy - Sell Signals (9)
Real Time Pivot Buy - Sell Signals (9)

Exit Signals
Volatility Stop System Trailer Exit (1)
Real Time Target (RTT) Exits(6)
Volatility Stop System Trailer Exit (1)
Real Time Target (RTT) Exits(6)
Cluster Exits (3)
Exhaustion Exits (3)
Reversal Exits (3)
Real Time Pivot Exits (3)

Sample Strategies




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